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What More Can Promotional Clothing Do

As any business owner can attest, getting the most out of your marketing and advertising dollars is a constant battle that is more important than ever in today’s economy. There is very little margin for error in planning, executing, and paying for a marketing campaign, so it is absolutely essential that projects are targeted to reach the greatest number of consumers at the very bottom dollar possible, and easily the most effective way to do this is by utilizing promotional clothing as part of your strategy.

While there is a vast range of promotional merchandise available to choose from, clothing items such as office wear, corporate uniforms, and t-shirts have been shown to have the greatest impact on both short- and long-term return. With campaign budgets that are tighter than ever, it’s vital that you choose the right promotional products to maximize the return on your investment, and A-One provides the biggest bang for your buck.


Traditionally businesses have utilized smaller promotional products for marketing purposes since they tend to be cheaper, and odds are that your company has used some of these items in the past. The trouble is, however, that items such as refrigerator magnets and ballpoint pens typically have a limited range of impact. For example, a fridge magnet is only seen by the people within that immediate vicinity, at most five to ten individuals who may or may not remember it. A pen will probably stay buried in a pocketbook, or get lost in the daily routine of life, reaching maybe three or four people with your brand. While these smaller promotional items may save your group money up front, it actually reduce the impact of your advertising dollars in the end.

Clothing, on the other hand, can be seen by literally dozens of people. Think of it as a cheap portable billboard that will reach consumers your business may have only dreamed of, and in a subtle, non-intrusive way that customers appreciate. No one likes being forced to view advertising, and many people resent overt marketing campaigns, but put the same advertisements on a t-shirt and your message still reaches potential customers, building a recognizable real world presence without aggressive tactics.

In a challenging economic climate that sees many businesses struggling to just break even, using promotional clothing from can have a powerful impact on your company’s current and future bottom lines. Maximize your marketing dollars through promotional products like corporate uniforms, office wear, and other clothing items, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.


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