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Top 5 Promotional Products To Give Away This Winter

Winters are synonymous with frosty mornings, steaming cup of hot chocolate, cosy blankets and fancy balaclavas. When temperatures drop below zero, all one wants to do is stay indoors, curl up in the bed and wrap inside a cosy blanket. When people do not like to venture out very frequently, how do marketers connect with prospective customers? Does that mean your marketing campaigns should also go for a winter break? Obviously not. Promotional products are a good way to keep reminding the customers about your company.

You can choose a relevant and useful promotional product that the customers would keep at home and use them regularly. The best part of a promotional product is they are tangible, physical things which can be placed in your customer’s homes and are always visible to them. Your name branded on the product serves as a good reminder to them to keep coming back to you for purchase.

Some of the ways you can ensure your promotional product really serves the purpose of your marketing campaign are by making sure:

  • It is relevant: It is a good idea to gift a winter-related promotional product during the season. This way your customers will actually use the branded product and remember you for it.
  • It is of good quality: Your choice of the product can depend on your budget but the quality of it should not be compromised. Even if you gift a very small thing, make sure it is of the best quality.
  • It reaches the right target audience: Just mindlessly distributing freebies is not a good idea. Every gift has a cost associated with it and more importantly is bought for a purpose. Give it to the right prospect. This will increase your chance of a conversion.

Now that we know how to best use the promotional products, let us have a look at some of the best giveaways this winter season. Here is a list of wonderful winter products to choose from:

1. Insulated Water Bottle – New design Mirror Finish Hyrdo Soul Lotus Bottle will retain the warmth of your hot drinks for up to 24 hours. Not just that, the bottles made from stainless steel are completely BPA free. So get ready to sip something hot, fresh and healthy from an attractive looking vacuum insulated water bottle while you are indoors or outdoors.
2. Smartphone Straps – When your hands go numb because of severe cold try holding your smartphone with a branded strap. This prevents the phone from dropping and slipping from hand. It also can be used as a phone stand. There is definitely too much packed in this single product. From the marketer’s perspective also it is a perfect give away. Imagine your company logo and brand name on this amazing product that the customers will use at least 8-12 hours of the day and seven days a week.
3. Reusable Silicon Straw –Plastic bags and straws are one of the biggest reasons for ocean pollution. This winter let us pledge to add one less straw to the menace by using reusable silicon straws. These are food grade quality straws and can be easily carried in your bags when going outdoors.
4. 10 Litre Outdoor Bag Dry Bag – Beat all types of weather with these trendy dry bags. These are water resistant and great for outdoor activities like trekking or camping. The bags come with a roll-down closure which creates a watertight seal. Get your logo printed on these bags and make the most of this wonderful, trendy and useful promotional product.
5. Faux Leather Throw – A soft and cosy throw is just the right thing you need this winter. Go for this rich in texture and wonderfully soft Faux leather throw. It is wonderful to touch, has a classy look of the leather and the richness of soft faux fur.



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