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Corporate Styling


Brand identity is incredibly influential and an invaluable asset if done correctly for consumers and other businesses alike. The importance of branding cannot be over stated but is often extended only to company owned materials such as logos, websites and promotional products. Often neglected is one of a brand’s most impactful assets, its brand ambassadors.

Whether a first meeting with a client or a guest at a charitable event, the way your workforce represents your brand and themselves creates expectations and leaves lasting impressions. The distinguished look of a well-tailored suit exudes an air of professional that is seldom argued with. A well-dressed team can create a great sense of confidence, self-awareness and productivity. Creating a well-defined corporate visual appearance ensures everyone is aware what is expected of them and a consistent image of professionalism.

A-One offers professional and on-site corporate styling options from premium polo shirts to custom-fit suits. Our partnerships with overseas factories and leading corporate designers such as Van Heusen and Calvin Klein facilitate the right corporate image for your brand. Our onsite professional retail consultant and fashion industry specialist will help your employees confidently apply your corporate visual style to their personal tastes in a manner that conveys consistency and coincides with your overall brand image and identity with pride.



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