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Top Winter Apparel Trends

It is time to sizzle up your wardrobe even as the temperature outside drops. There are many trendy winter apparels to choose from to look cool this winter. We bring you a list of some of the trendy clothes you can adorn to add that charm to the dull atmosphere outside.

Winter apparel is also a very good choice for promotional products. Free giveaways always have to be meaningful. Your customers will definitely appreciate trendy winter apparel branded with your company name and logo. The happiness of possessing trendy apparel will rub off with your brand and generate some goodwill for your company.

Select from a wide range of chic winter wear to gift your customers this winter season:

  • Soft wool sweater: This is a very classy piece of apparel that will never go out of fashion. It is comfortable and looks great with collared shirts. A neatly embroidered logo of your company on the sweater will surely give a very distinct appeal to your brand name.

  • Cashmere poncho: These are typically made from wool from goats found in Kashmir in India. It is warm, soft and very comfortable. The poncho goes well with almost all the outfits and is available in a variety of colours and styles.

  • Fedora cap: This creased and pinched cap is sure to up your winter glam quotient. Carry it with style and at the same time protect your head from the chill. It comes in various colours, sizes for men and women.

  • Fur coat: Who does not want to own a fur coat? There are so many styles of fur coats available in the market. You can select from a wide range of materials, colours and cuts to fit your customer’s requirement.

  • Long boots: Both men and women like to wear long boots during winters. It gives full coverage protection to your legs and keeps you warm but stylish during the season. A must have for all the fashion followers.

  • Polo neck jumper: A polo neck is also called by different names like skivvy or roll-up neck. It has a high raised collar which can be folded to cover the neck area. This works very well during winters as it protects the upper part of the body from the chill. It looks very chic and stylish as well.

  • Woollen scarf/wrap blanket: A long woollen scarf that can wrap around like a blanket is a good addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It is easy to carry and looks very classy. Smaller scarfs or stoles are also very popular winter wear. You can just wrap them around your neck for that extra protection against the chilly winds.

  • Leather jacket: Another favourite of everyone is a leather jacket. It is synonymous with style and fashion. It also works as a wonderful cover against the winter. Your logo on the jacket can surely give the much-needed impetus to your branding and promotional campaigns.

So, go for these trendy, fashionable and glamorous choices for apparel this winter. Including these would mean not just pleasing your prospective customers but also associating with something that is useful and lasting just like your relationship with your customers.



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